Are you one of the thousands of people who lost their job when Jessops closed its doors for the last time last week? Well, while unfortunately we can’t make things all better and give you a new job, we do have some slightly encouraging news.

Blake Ezra Photography is offering a one year paid photography apprenticeship. The promise is that you’ll gain an HND in photography, valuable experience in shooting and editing and Blake himself has said that he would like to help those who have been affected by the closure of Jessops.

 Screen grab of Blake Ezra Photography website

“Young people in the UK nowadays get a rough deal,” Blake said. “There are many talented and passionate people who simply cannot get a break. I really believe that apprenticeships are a great way to find your feet in an industry that is increasingly difficult to break into.”

Blake Ezra Photography has some pretty high profile clients too, including Channel 5, Chessington World of Adventures, O2 and even David Cameron! So if you’re the lucky apprentice you could find yourself working on photographs for some really impressive publications and companies.

The only requirements for the apprenticeship are that you are over 18, very interested in photography and not afraid of hard work. So if this sounds like you, email your CV and a covering letter to

However, going into photography might not be where you want your career to go. Maybe you’ve been working at Jessops, or even HMV which is also likely to be closing now, and you quite want to stay in the retail sector. Well, you could take a leaf out of these guys’ books:

Jessops employers poster in the window

Yes, that’s right. Five desperate former employees of Jessops have placed posters in their shop window in Warrington asking if anyone can help them find new jobs.

Lanza Martineta, a former sales expert for the photography chain, said: “It was really out of the blue. We had no warning. I’ve seen my colleagues crying, wondering how they are going to pay their rents.”

Lanza said that he and his team were all hoping that the pictures in the window might encourage potential employers to come forward and get in touch. Public support has been very forthcoming for the team with people popping in while the shop is packed down to say how sorry they are to see the shop going, but job offers could prove to be harder to find.