Despite all evidence to the contrary, it turns out the world’s best job isn’t Chief Executive of Puppy Snuggling. According to new research by qualification provider City & Guilds, the most joy-inducing job in the UK is gardening – despite the UK’s notoriously revolting weather.

The research found that a whopping 87% of horticulturalists were happy in their job, with 80% crediting their glee on the fact that they are able to manage their own workload, schedules and tasks.

And it looks like young people looking for a happy working life should stick to skills-based, vocational careers – with gardening followed closely by hairdressing and plumbing on the happiness scale.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the people who were most likely to hate their jobs were bankers, IT and data processors and people who worked in human resources. Only 44% of bankers said that they were happy with their jobs.

And it appears that money is not only the route of all evil – it’s also no guarantee for happiness. The poll of 2,200 workers found that it was the professions with pay packets of more than £60,000 that had the unhappiest workers, largely because the roles tend to be predominantly desk based.

Half of people earning more than £60,000 claimed to have a good work-life balance, compared to 65% of people who earned between £20,000 and £25,000 a year. At least high paying jobs are hard-hitting and worthwhile, right? Well, apparently not so much. Three quarters of those earning less than £15,000 a year said they thought their job was worthwhile, compared to 64% of those who earn more than £60,000.

So what is the route to happiness? Apparently, it all depends on flexibility, control over your daily duties and the opportunity to use your skills. It also might be an idea to ‘stick it to the man’, as self-employed people are overwhelmingly happier at work than, with 85% claiming to be happy compared to 54% of those in full-time employment.

The findings are interesting, but do you agree with them? What makes you happy at work? Would the findings put you off your dream career? Tell us what you think!