Great news! We’ve teamed up with the Tech Partnership, a network of employers who are working to create skills for the UK’s digital economy. Their ambition is to create enough skills for a million people to have tech jobs by 2025. Now, we’re working together to get you guys clued up on the benefits of digital apprenticeships and the huge range of digital careers you could have if you chose to do an apprenticeship.

Digital apprenticeships come in all shapes and sizes. In the ‘Spotlight’ series, we look at a wide range of digital apprenticeships by talking to the employers who offer them.

In this Spotlight, John Swallow, Graduate & Apprentice Programmes Lead at IT giant DXC Technology tells us how we interact with DXC’s customers and products every day without even realising it and how their apprentices help to make it happen.

What’s special about working at DXC?

“You’re probably familiar with big-name organisations like National Grid, Network Rail and the National Health Service, but do you know about the systems that make them run? The answer is a resounding no for most people! We are the people who help these organisations run and deliver for their customers.

“Our team of project managers ensure all projects are on track and meet our customer’s objectives, our application developers are the coders who develop applications and solutions for these customers to use and operate, and our infrastructure team are there to support, maintain and keep our clients operational. It’s a huge responsibility and it’s our 170,000 employees across the globe that make all this possible.

DXC is an exciting place to work, as we’re a brand new (but not born yesterday!) company formed by the merger of two industry leaders – CSC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services.

Where do apprentices fit into this?

“Over the last few years we have recruited over 150 apprentices up and down the country and the numbers are growing year on year. We recruit most our apprentices straight from school and aim to progress them up to obtaining a degree-level qualification and we’re going to offer similar opportunities to our graduates to help them continue to learn and grow.

“I believe there are no wrong doors to start your digital career – any door you choose to take can lead to the same place, whether it’s through an apprenticeship or going to university. Our graduates and apprentices work side by side on a number of our projects.

“Our senior management team are extremely passionate about apprentices. Part of an apprentice’s development will involve meeting and presenting to our senior leaders about who you are and what you do. We find the apprentices gain a huge amount of confidence from interacting with our senior leaders, who are genuinely interested in offering exciting opportunities to our apprentices.

“We also aim for our new apprentices to gain valuable industry recognised qualifications like ITIL Foundation or PRINCE2 Foundation.

“In recent years we’ve expanded our expertise and geography through the acquisition of several companies. In the UK, this has given us a wider operational reach – we now recruit in areas such as Chorley, Chesterfield, Erskine, Aldershot, London and Newcastle, to name but a few.”

What sort of career progression is possible?

“Apprentices who successfully pass all stages of their apprenticeship will be offered a permanent contract with us for them to grow in our business. Over time, they’ll become our bridge with our clients, maintaining their systems and services while giving them quality customer service.

“Our clients are constantly evolving which means we have to as well. Some career opportunities which open up to you are quite astonishing and the feeling you get when you’re leading them is second to none.”

How much could I earn?

“Starting salaries for apprentices are around £16,000 with great benefits. We’re proud to say this is far higher than the minimum wage for apprentices. We believe in rewarding our staff for hard work and meeting their targets. Six months after starting, all apprentices will have a performance review where they can expect to see a pay rise. Upon completion, salaries can be over £18,000.”

Are there opportunities for females?

“Absolutely! Female apprentices and graduates account for over 20% of our recruits. We’re always on the look out to get the very best people into our business.”

If someone’s thinking about a digital apprenticeship but is unsure, what would you say to them?

“Apprentices are our most important asset. They also help to challenge us to do things in a new way: we find that existing members of staff thrive better when they have someone new to show the ropes – it’s all about learning from each other.

“If you want to join a truly global company with ambitions to grow even bigger, and with your personal development as a priority, do your research – there are companies out there looking for apprentices that may be a little harder to find. Although we are not a household name (yet), we’re the largest independent IT services company in the world!”

Interested to know more? DXC are on the hunt for the ‘best of the best’ so find out what opportunities are on offer and check out the GTBxTech hub for loads more info on apprenticeships.

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