Money. Whether you’re earning a decent salary but need a push to get saving properly, or you’re a student scrimping and saving for post-exam pints, somehow you still never have enough of it, right?

If you need to stack some more paper by saving smart, or you need a side hustle to help seriously boost your income, we’ve got 17 sensational ideas that you can try out, whether you prefer scouring the internet or going out and getting active to earn.

Here’s your guide to make money quickly and easily…

Online side hustle ideas

1. Freelance work

You don’t need a whole heap of experience to make money online these days. Sites like UpWork and Fiverr allow you to advertise your services or bid for work in things like; designing, writing, being a virtual assistant, homework help, tutoring, social media posting, translating and more.

2. Online surveys

It can be laborious, but if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, filling out online questionnaires and surveys can earn you a tidy sum for very little effort. Lookout for websites that ask you to fill out a ridiculous amount of surveys before they let you ‘cash out’ – you might never get there and you will have wasted all that time. The best survey sites are i-Say (users only need to do around 4 surveys a month to get a £10 Amazon voucher), and Google Opinion Rewards (this allows you to rack up money quickly for answering relatively few questions), but for more ideas check Money Saving Experts’ list of top-paying survey providers.

3. e-Books

Did you know that e-book sales account for around 25% of all book sales in the UK? Self-published books can go on to be best-sellers and net the writers a heft sum (Rupi Kaur’s poetry collection Milk and Honey sold more than 1m copies in the UK and Fifty Shades of Grey started off as Twilight fan fiction and was also published first online). Get writing and if you want to self-publish then you go to CreateSpace (owned by Amazon), tick the box that you want to be both paperback and Kindle, pick a cover, upload your manuscript, and in a few days you will be a fully-fledged, published author on Amazon and (hopefully) someone will buy it…

4. Online tutor

Make money from your skills; if you’re a student or recent graduate you can offer yourself as an online tutor and conduct lessons via Skype or email. Put out online adverts, ask around, or go through sites which hook you up with tutees.

5. Affiliate marketing

Got a blog, YouTube channel or run a Facebook page? You could get rich from affiliate marketing, then. See those little messages in people’s Insta bio encouraging you to use their discount code for a certain site? That’s affiliate marketing, and it’s super easy to cash in on. When you advertise a product that your followers might like and they purchase it through your link, you earn money. Of course you’ll need to be a trusted person from whom others take advice, or you’ll need to have a decent following already, but this is how so many vloggers and bloggers make their money, so you should get started even if you only have a few people reading your blog or watching your content!

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Offline side hustles

1. Sell valuable old toys and books

Your parents might not like you ransacking the attic but hey, they might actually thank you if you unearth something valuable, cos selling some of your old favourite toys and books could bag you a small fortune. If you’ve got mismatched lego bricks,  Zapper will buy it off you for £5 a kilo, as well as any old DVDs, books and games. And if you’ve got some Harry Potter books lying around, you could be sitting on a gold mine; some of the early editions are going for up to £9K right now! Check out Abe Books who have created a guide to collecting and selling Harry Potter books.

2. Be a delivery driver

Got a bike? You can make up to £16 p/h as a Deliveroo or Ubereats driver which is a flexible way to make money and keep fit. This also works if you own a car or scooter, too.

3. Life modelling

Fancy being a model for a life drawing class? It can pay pretty well, but may involve you getting your kit off and sitting super-still for hours, so always check what is expected of you before you go along and never agree to anything you’re not comfortable with. Sign up to RAF, the UK register for life models to see what’s out there.

4. Do normal tutoring

You can charge up to £30 p/h for teaching someone in your favourite/chosen subject. Ask family friends or place adverts on Gumtree or in local papers to start making money, but remember that you’ll be expected to provide resources and do marking too…

5. Mystery shopping / price checking

High-street retailers desperately need people to check their customer service is up to scratch, and mystery shopping agencies employ people to ensure this is the case. Normally you’d be required to visit a specific shop and just provide feedback on the service and quality of goods, wearing a special disguise or mask. (Joking about that last part – you go as yourself haha). Check three of the most popular sites like Grass RootsGBW and Retail Maxim. Some agencies pay a flat fee of up to £30 for a day of mystery shopping, others let you keep products or pay you in vouchers. Also check out Field Agent, which pays up to a tenner a go, just for you to go in and snap the prices of some products. Easy, huh?

6. Dog Walking

If you’re a canine-lover and getting up close and personal with pooches all day sounds like a dream made in doggy-heaven, be a dog-walker! The more experience you have the more you’ll make, but rates start at around £15 p/h. And if you love dogs anyway, this won’t feel like work…

7. TV Extra

Dream of seeing your face on the telly? TV extra work isn’t glam (you have to stand around a lot), but once you’ve been booked a couple of times, you could be called upon more regularly to, you know, stand in the background and pretend to talk like they do in TOWIE, or whatever. Day rates are sometimes up to a couple of hundred pounds with a site like Universal Extras.

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Income-boosters & money saving tips

1. Buy a bike on a police auction site

There’s a totally legit way to benefit from crime, and it’s perfect if you’re in search of a bike or other items which are usually expensive to purchase. We’re talking about crime auctions. What’s this you may ask, well basically, the police need to get rid of all the things they seize during raids and through other crime prevention tactics, so they sell them on normal sites like eBay and via special police auction sites like Bumble Auctions. On eBay, it’s mainly collection only so you need to check whether you live close to a police HQ, but we’ve seen bikes going for less than £30! Google ‘Police auctions eBay’ to find one near you.

2. Cashback sites

Earn cash for the things you were going to buy anyway with cashback websites that pay you when you click through them or earn you money when you add your card details to the site, and you pay for certain things on card. It’s totally legit and you can make £100s a year using them correctly! The ones some of us like here at Go Think Big are Quidco (which you can register for free for here) and Top Cashback (which you can sign up for here too). Both of them have cashback rates for clothing sites like Topshop, travel sites like Opodo, coffee spots like Starbucks and way more. Shop like normal on and offline and watch the pennies stack up!

3. Recycle your old phone

Check and see if there are any phones lying around your house because the website Sell My Mobile promises the best price for old handsets, and the more recent the model, the more you’ll make.

4. Focus groups

Big companies will pay for your opinion in focus groups, panel sessions and in market research days. Half a day of answering questions or giving feedback on a product could net you up to £300, but usually it’s less. Check out sites like People For Research  or simply google ‘focus groups’ in your area.

5. Sell your student notes

Ever miss a lecture and wish you had access to all the detailed notes that you totally would have made? Note Sale offers you the chance to make cash from your hard work (although it’s not clear how much it pays on the site).


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